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Moving an Apartment, House or Storage Unit?  We have the right crew for you.

First Contact:

Like any other move, you will call or email us first for an estimate.  We’ll ask you a few simple questions in a friendly, non-threatening way in order to tailor the estimate to your unique needs, namely:

When you would like to move so we can check our schedule for availability?

The items you would like us to move for you so we know what's what.

Where you are moving from and where you are moving to?

Are there are any items that need special attention...such as antiques, pool tables, pets and children (we have plenty of bubble wrap for them).



You know what they say: "An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of packing tape!"

After receiving your estimate, you can schedule your move right away or wait until you have more information and are ready to commit (we know, commitment can be hard – but we promise we’ll never leave you!).  Typically, we don’t take a deposit – you can just call or email to request that your move be scheduled on your selected date.  If you decide to change your move date or cancel the move, we ask that you please give us a minimum of 72 hours’ notice.)  Please note, we schedule on a first-come, first-served basis, so the more time you let pass between the estimate and making the actual reservation, the greater the possibility that someone else will select that move date and close out our schedule for that day.


We provide our customers with a detailed Inventory List of what they would like moved which is discussed during the assesment with a Relocation Specialist.   Most other moving companies do not offer a written inventory, which can cause issues during the move day if there are any changes.  We guarantee our Moving Estimates based on the inventory of what is to be moved, so you can customize the move to your budget.  We have a-la-carte move pricing that is unmatched in the industry, allowing you to be in total control of the final costs.  Each piece of furniture and box has a set cost, so you only pay for the work performed regardless of the length of time for the move.


However, if you are more comfortable with an hourly move, we still offer rates as low as $95 per hour for your specific needs as well.  Our no nonsense pricing options give you the flexibility of controlling the cost of your move.  There are no hidden fees or nasty surprise charges, our estimates includes travel, labor, taxes, fuel, trucks, equipment, materials, etc.


A day or two before your move date, we’ll check in with you by phone or email to make sure everything’s set to go.  We’re thorough like that.


The Day of your Move:

The Crew Leader will give you a call before leaving the warehouse (if yours is the first move of the day) or after completing their previous job to let you know an estimated time of arrival.  Once they arrive on-site, they’ll do a walkthrough with you to check off the inventory list for any changes and to get the lay of the land for any special instructions or information, including things like doors to be kept closed, high-value items, extremely fragile items, or items to be left with the house.  You can add furniture and boxes for the set cost of that item, if we don't end up moving something from the inventory list, the total cost will be reduced accordingly!  Easy peasy.


After the walkthrough, the Crew Leader will have you initial the paperwork for insurance coverage while the rest of the crew prepares your home for the moving process, including laying floor runners, padding the door, and installing door jamb protectors.  Once the vulnerable areas of your home are well-protected, they’ll begin loading your possessions onto the truck and wrap every piece of furniture in our professional moving blankets and pads.


After they have loaded everything onto the truck, they will do one final walkthrough with you to make sure they didn’t forget anything.  Then it’s off to your new home for the unload!  They might take lunch in-between the load and the unload, but of course that will be off the clock (there’s no such thing as a paid lunch).


Once the crew arrives at your new home, they’ll do another quick walkthrough with you to find out where to place the furniture and stack the boxes in each room.  After the walkthrough, they’ll again place pads on the floor, door jambs, and banisters so that your new home stays safe and sound during the unloading process.


Even though they’ve received instructions on where the big items go, the crew won’t know exactly where all your smaller items should go, so it’s best for you or a family member to stay within earshot to answer any questions your crew might have. That way the unload will go as smoothly as possible.


At the end of the unload, the Crew Leader will walk with you through the house to make sure everything is exactly where it's supposed to be.  Don’t feel bad if you want to rearrange a piece in a different spot before making a final decision on where it fits best.  We want you to be absolutely happy with where we’ve positioned things, so let us help you get things just right.  Once everything is just the way you want it, the Crew Leader will have you sign the paper work and collect payment.


Happily Ever After:

You’ve successfully relocated, but we want to make sure you are 100% satisfied!  First, we'll send an email asking you to let us know how things went...please, please tell us if you’re not happy with something about the move, because we’d love the chance to make it right.  We would greatly appreciate it if you would complete a review of our services using one of the links that are provided on our website.  Since email isn’t everyone’s bag, we can also follow up by phone, just to make extra sure everything’s gone okay.  If you choose us we can’t promise that we won’t ever make a mistake (we’re only human), but we can promise that we will not let you down.