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Selecting a local mover

Deciding what moving company you want and trust to move your valuable possessions can be difficult.
This is not the time to be shy!

Before asking anything more specific and negotiating the conditions of your moving contract, you need to make sure you are not dealing with a broker.  Moving brokers are just sales companies that book and coordinate your move, actually selling the job to any moving company.  All they do is provide communication in the moving process for a considerable commission that comes out of your pocket.  Besides, this indirect communication often causes misunderstanding and conflicts, so be very careful – if you fail to identify a broker in time, you could end up with a huge headache and may get trapped into paying a higher price. 

Make sure you fully understand the services the moving company offers and the rate at which those services can be provided.
Below is a list of questions you should ask your mover as you shop for the perfect fit:


Is your moving company licensed?

PUCO #503870-HG
USDOT #1938947
MC #691511

Does your company charge by weight, per piece, or by the hour?

We never charge by weight since it is easily manipulated.  We have guaranteed estimates (to the penny) based on what is actually moved and allow you to be in control of the final price.  We also offer competitive hourly rates for our customers as well.

Do you have a minimum charge?

We have a minimum charge for a-la-carte moves and a standard 2 hour minimum for hourly moves.  Most reputable moving companies have a minimum charge.

How do you charge after the minimum is met?

It is in 15 minute increments for hourly moves, or a set per piece cost for a-la-carte moves.

Do you charge extra for larger items such as pianos and exercise equipment?

These items need special attention and require additional labor, these charges are clearly listed on all of our written estimates.

Do you charge for extra flights of stairs or long carry?

We discuss all of our additional charges up-front with our customers so there are no surprise fees.

Do you charge for the travel time from your warehouse to my home and back to your warehouse?

All trip charges are included in our estimates.  Some moving companies charge extra for traffic delays or fuel surcharges, make sure you ask about what fees may arrise with extenuating circumstances.

Do you charge extra for moves in the evenings or on the weekends?

We offer competitive rates and any additional charges are discussed with our customers to stay within their budgets.


Do you disassemble/reassemble items such as beds, desks, etc?

Yes, we do.  Some moving companies will not, and will not tell you that they don't.


Do you disconnect/connect washer and dryer?

Yes we do.  However, we cannot disconnect or connect gas lines.  Most moving companies will not take care of your appliances.


What insurance coverages do you offer?

You need to make sure that your moving company is insured and liable for damages.  Have in mind that the basic liability protection (which is the standard federal regulation insurance) covers only $0.60 per lbs/per item and does not allow punitive damage claims.  Your moving company should be able to offer you insurance value protection for your move (sometimes these charges aren't disclosed prior to the move).  All of our moves come with Actual Cash Value insurance coverage to protect you at no additional fee.

What payment options do you offer and is there any deposit required?
We collect a $100 deposit to reserve and guarantee your move date.  That deposit is applied to your final bill for payment.  We have a flexible cancellation policy to protect your deposit and do not penalize for postponed moves.  We accept cash, checks, VISA and MasterCard.

Do you have full-time employees or do you use temps and day labor?
We employ hard working and dedicated movers and never use anyone outside of our company.

What kind of training have your movers and drivers completed?

Each of our movers are professional trained and have completed our 2-month service quailty standards evaluation.

Do you provide an on-site assesment with a written estiamte?

For any household move with furniture and boxes that is over 2 bedrooms , we send an estimator to your home for an in-house walkthrough.  By law, any online or phone estimate is considered non-binding, meaning that the charges can be higher than quoted.  Be cautious if the moving company refuses to send a representative over to your place to perform an on-site visual assesment.


Do you provide a written inventory of my items?
We provide our customers with an inventory list of the furniture and boxes to be moved.  It is important to know how a moving company will determine the charges for you move.  Request a written copy of the inventory from your moving company to make sure they will not exceed the final price they offered with the items you have shown them to be moved.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make the move easier and cost effective?
Movers who care about customer service and making your move a positive experience will do all they can to help you.


Do you offer discounts?

Absolutely.  We have discounts for seniors, military, repeat customers and more!

Do you have a contact number for the day of the move should any challenges arise?

Every customer has the direct phone number for their Move Supervisor and Crew Leader.